Tigger Stavola Foundation Ambassadors

The TSF Ambassador Program began as a group of friends joined by the common experience of losing a loved one to addiction. This group felt compelled to make a difference in their communities and to strengthen the impact of the Tigger Stavola Foundation mission.

Over the years, this program has expanded to include all members of the community who passionately believe in ending the opioid epidemic.

TSF Ambassadors are the boots-on-the-ground advocates in the community who understand what our community needs, engage those impacted and share the mission of Tigger Stavola Foundation, while developing leadership and advocacy skills.

Team Tigger views our Ambassadors as pivotal members of our team.  Not only are they an extension of the Tigger Stavola Foundation mission within the community, but they are also acting as a role model to the next generation of leaders.  Their personal success stories, leadership role(s), triumphs, and tribulations are all meaningful to the role of a Tigger Stavola Ambassador.  

As an Ambassador, TSF provides personal and professional development workshops, opportunities to sit on committees, involvement in Student Alliance activities and program development, and so much more.