In 2019, Tigger Stavola Foundation developed an alliance of students representing Monmouth County high schools to address the opiate crisis.  

This alliance guides our students towards a healthier future by providing alternatives to drug use and abuse through peer based activities focused on a wellness lifestyle. The students are involved with inspiring philanthropy through fundraising events while developing their own leadership skills.

The main goals of the alliance are to educate, confide, and empower.

Educate: The alliance aims to educate their peers and the community about the current trends and dangers of opioids and opioid use. Education also includes dynamic speakers who have suffered the consequences of negative decisions and incredible obstacles to overcome their addictions. These speakers are now dedicated to inspiring our students with a positive message and stories of hope and help.

Confide: Team Tigger, as well as community partners, act as trusted confidants and advisors to alliance members, thus providing guidance and direction in their own or their peers' struggles with addiction.

Empower: Through the students’ ability to connect with each other, they can empower their peers by starting the conversation and addressing the needs of those facing addiction.

The Student Alliance fosters peer-to-peer outreach and provides the students with resources to help each other which ultimately creates connections with the community to help those who are struggling.

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Explore the photos below to see how our students have made a difference in educating and empowering the community to spread awareness and reduce the stigma on substance use.