Student Alliance Leadership Team

Tigger Stavola Foundation's Student Alliance guides our students towards a healthier future by providing alternatives to drug use and abuse through peer-based activities that are focused on a wellness lifestyle. The students are involved with inspiring philanthropy through fundraising events while developing their own leadership skills.

Michael Earle

Student Alliance Fundraising Manager

"I learned about the Student Alliance when members of Tigger House Foundation came to speak at CBA. I liked the cause and wanted to be a part of it."

Kathleen Devine

Student Alliance Representative

"I wanted to join the Student Alliance because after learning about Tigger House, I was excited to get involved in such a positive cause and to be a part of the solution to the seriousness of addiction."

Madi Stavola

Student Alliance Representative

"I joined the Tigger House Foundation because I believe everyone deserves help for a second chance and I want to be the person who helps guide them in the right direction."

Jaiden Diehl

Student Alliance Representative

"I joined the student alliance because I saw that there was a larger problem (the opiate epidemic) and a lack of education and awareness on the topic from my peers. I wanted to educate myself on the issue and be a trustworthy and reliable resource for teens to go to for help, advice, and more information. I believe that by joining the alliance I am able to help save a life, even by just letting others know that I am here for them if they, or something they know, needs help."

Joseph Earle

Student Alliance Membership Manager

"I heard the Tigger House Foundation speak at my school, Christian Brothers Academy. The mission statement of the foundation spoke to me and immediately I knew I should join this fight against addiction through the Tigger House. I am happy and excited to be on the leadership team."

Lauren DelVecchio

Student Alliance Social Media Manager

"I joined the alliance because I wanted to make sure people start to feel more comfortable reaching out and know they are not alone. I wanted to be able to help others and make sure they never feel like they are the only ones going through a certain situation and that people will always be there to help them."

Frankie Burns Cohen

Student Alliance Secretary

"I discovered the Tigger House Foundation from my neighbor and I am very passionate about the cause. I am super excited to be apart of the student alliance this year!"

Joe DiBernardo

Student Alliance Vice President

"My mom works at Riverview Hospital and has heard about all the help Tigger House Foundation has been offering to people struggling with addiction. She felt this cause would be something good for me to be involved in. Since joining the alliance, I have really enjoyed working together with kids from other schools, learning about addiction, and now being on the leadership team."

Kiera Cannon

Student Alliance Social Media Manager

"I joined the Student Alliance because I wanted to help people make positive changes in their life and not feel alone."

Robert Gray

Student Alliance Co-President

"I had a cousin who almost died from a heroin overdose. Addiction has been close to my family and our close family friends. I learned about it at a young age and felt useless and like I couldn't make an impact. Being on the Student Alliance and serving as Co-President, I feel like I am now able to make an impact."

Dan Mooney

Student Alliance Co-President

"While I didn't know much about the Tigger House Foundation prior to joining, I saw that the Student Alliance was an amazing opportunity to educate both myself and my peers on the dangers of drug abuse in our community and desired to be apart of an organization that served a cause greater than myself"

Frankie Stavola

Student Alliance School Representative

"Tigger was my cousin. The foundation is close to home and I love being a part of it."

Tess Demcsak

Student Alliance School Representative

"My brother is a struggling addict. My mom requested I join the student alliance. To be honest, I was very hesitant about joining at first, but now I really enjoy being part of the alliance and everything we are doing."